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Multimedia Design

Interactive multimedia products, fly throughs, video productions, web design.

Multimedia is a powerful, proven method of presenting ideas, products and services. Diversified Scientific Solutions designs an easily navigated interactive framework which incorporates text - supplied by either you or us, graphic design, video and animations to create presentations with impact.

Multimedia Projects

Ice Profiling Sonar

Animation of Sea Ice as measured from above and below

This animation describes how the Ice Profiling Sonar (IPS) measures ice draft. The IPS is an upward-looking sonar that is moored to the seafloor and is deployed for periods of up to one year.  Also shown here is a Radarsat image depicting ice movement over the IPS mooring. See animation here.

(client: ASL Environmental Sciences)

Victoria Harbour flood modeling

Victoria Inner Harbour Flood Inundation Modeling

Worked with ASL Environmental Sciences' numerical modeler and remote sensing staff to simulate flood inundation due to sea level rise coupled with storm surges and tidal oscillations. Used their data to create a time step animation to show potential flooding of the inner harbour of Victoria, BC.   See animation here.

(client: ASL Environmental Sciences)

multicultural logging

Touch screen Multimedia in the Charters River Salmon Interpretive Centre

In this multimedia system, viewers interact with a touch screen monitor menu to select videos including wildlife trail camera footage, the salmon life cycle, the story of the fish traps in Sooke and other intersting videos. The selected video is then displayed on a large TV.

(client: Charters River Salmon Interpretive Centre)

multicultural logging

Pacific Ocean Mesoscale Eddy Study

Created TOPEX/Poseidon Sea Surface Height Anomaly animations for the North Pacific.  Mesoscale eddies of the North Pacific Ocean impact marine life wherever they are present. These eddies form along the coast of British Columbia and Alaska and generally move westward. They contain volumes of coastal water that match the volume of water in Lake Michigan. This water is rich in nutrients and supports marine plant growth. These eddies are one of the main sources for the delivery of nutrients out into the open ocean.

(client: Institute of Ocean Sciences)

Trail Camera exhibit showing wildlife video collected in the southern Vancouver Island area

Vancouver Island has a rich collection of wildlife. Trail cameras can be used to get a view of this wildlife and to observe, safely,animal behaviour both in daylight and night conditions. The cameras have motion sensors to detect movement and can automatically record photos or videos of animals that pass by. They are battery operated and can be left out for days, weeks or even months in remote locations. They are typically designed for all weather conditions and can be strapped and locked to trees on animal trails or forest margins. As some animals are particularly curious (black bears), options are available to place trail cameras in metal security boxes for protection.

In this display, you will see a 15 minute video loop of animals from southern Vancouver Island including bear, elk, cougar, pine marten, beaver etc. Videos were collected by Rob Bowen of Diversified Scientific Solutions.

(Client: Swan Lake and Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary)

multicultural logging

Multiculturalism in the Forest Industry on Southern Vancouver Island

A brief history of immigrants who came to the Cowichan Valley and worked in the forest industry. Multimedia includes historical footage of logging practises and mill operations in the early 1900s.

(Client: BC Forest Discovery Centre)

Pollination ecosystem

Pollination Ecosystem

Discover the world of pollinators and their role in the ecosystem in this interactive touch screen multimedia set up at the BC Forest Discovery Centre in Duncan BC. You'll learn about the different types of pollinators, their benefits, their life cycle and the serious threats which have led to alarming declines in diversity and populations. You'll also learn of the Windeyer heritage orchard and efforts to create pollination gardens to promote ecosystem health.

(Client: BC Forest Discovery Centre)

Goldstream salmon lifecycle

Goldstream River Salmon Life Cycle

Explore the fascinating life cycle of the Pacific salmon of the Goldstream River. This multimedia software describes the life cycle, the migration routes, the navigation systems, the Goldstream salmon enhancement program, river fish counts and much more. Also included are underwater video clips, eagles feeding on salmon and a photo gallery. Test your fish catching abilities with the game FishNet Pro 2.0.
DVDs are for sale at Goldstream Nature House

(Client: Goldstream Nature House)

ASL corporate profile

ASL Environmental Sciences multimedia

This multimedia was developed for ASL as a marketing tool to be given away or demonstrated at tradeshows. It contained video of products, described services and leasing opportunities and contained a large number of technical papers on studies done by ASL or clients using ASL instruments.

(Client: ASL Environmental Sciences)