Interactive multimedia products, fly throughs, video productions, web design.

Multimedia is a powerful, proven method of presenting ideas, products and services. Diversified Scientific Solutions designs an easily navigated interactive framework which incorporates text - supplied by either you or us, graphic design, video and animations to create presentations with impact.

New product release

Pollination Ecosystem


Discover the world of pollinators and their role in the ecosystem in this interactive touch screen multimedia set up at the BC Forest Discovery Centre in Duncan BC. You'll learn about the different types of pollinators, their benefits, their life cycle and the serious threats which have led to alarming declines in diversity and populations. You'll also learn of the Windeyer heritage orchard and efforts to create pollination gardens to promote ecosystem health.

Salmon at Goldstream River


Explore the fascinating life cycle of the Pacific salmon of the Goldstream River. This multimedia software describes the life cycle, the migration routes, the navigation systems, the Goldstream salmon enhancement program, river fish counts and much more. Also included are underwater video clips, eagles feeding on salmon and a photo gallery. Test your fish catching abilities with the game FishNet Pro 2.0.
DVDs are for sale at Goldstream Nature House or contact Rob Bowen
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Multimedia Design


In the design phase, we use mind maps to quickly assemble an architecture for your approval.

We are currently creating multimedia USBs, DVDs or interactive touch screen displays. (See screen captures of multimedia projects below)

ASFM  Flux_funnel  hydrophones
Gas_sampling  Flux_funnel  Terra Remote Sensing
Gas_sampling  Flux_funnel  hydrophones
Gas_sampling  Flux_funnel  hydrophones
Gas_sampling  Flux_funnel   Gas_sampling

Fly Throughs

Using digital terrain data, ortho photos and points of interest, we create digital fly throughs to highlight 3D features. Some examples are displayed below.

Digital terrain fly through of Malaysian towers using LIDAR data (Terra Remote Sensing Inc.)

Digital terrain fly through generated from sonar surveys of a methane seep on the Mackenzie Delta (Geological Survey of Canada)

Columbia River fly through using aerial ortho photos draped onto digital terrain model (Columbia Power)

Video Productions

We are presently using a NLE turnkey Matrox RTX100 Extreme system to create corporate video productions. Videos range from commercials suitable for trade shows to corporate videos with logo and process animations. A few samples are provided below.

ASL Environmental one minute commercial projected onto tradeshow booth.

One minute painting dissolve sequence of artworks by Christopher Walker

One minute commercial displayed at Terra Remote Sensing Inc. trade show booth.

Acoustic Scintallation Flow Meter (ASFM) at work slideshow video


Web Design

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Langford Lake Cave website (webmaster)

Artist Christopher Walker's website detailing art and video dissoloves (webmaster)

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